Ways in which we help computers understand the world around them with our image annotation services.

Our expertise with computer vision annotation

We have worked on more than a million images and tens of thousands of hours of video data providing annotations for some of the most advanced applications of computer vision. Our clients range from early stage startups to large multinational corporations.

DataClap is a data annotation company founded to meet operational challenges of computer vision data. DataClap’s goal for consistent data handling will make your machine learning classifiers more accurate.

Key Points
Lines and Splines
Bounding Boxes
Semantic Segmentation
3D Cuboids
Point Cloud
Video Annotation

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Use Cases

We help machines understand the spoken word

From transcription to translation we have worked on a lot of voice and text data. Our trained agents have multiple years of experience in handling text data for Natural Language Processing projects.

Text Comparison

Measure the similarity between texts in Legal, Customer Services and E Commerce use cases


Analyze collocation instances for e commerce and review text interpretation


Classification services for Sentiment Analysis, Topic Labeling, Spam and Intenet Detection


Extraction of information from handwritten, printed and scanned data


Transcription service in English and all major Indian Languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc

Data Extraction

Extraction of data from documents for OCR and other computer vision purposes


Translate your data to languages in the Indian subcontinent and more languages

Named Entity Recognition

Identify information from unstructured data through our semantic annotation services

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