The Client

Our client was an agency that works with many of the Fortune 500 companies in the US as a technological partner. Their innovative products are used by people across the globe.

The Challenge

Our client was working with an E-commerce giant that deals with products across thousands of categories.

Their suppliers were uploading images of hundreds of thousands of products daily and they wanted to moderate the images for possible fake products and wrong categorical submissions. They already had an image recognition model to automate the process but certain cases needed human intervention.

The Solution

We proposed a solution with our human-in-the-loop platform and workforce to handle the edge cases. We built a queue system where the client can send us a task via an API endpoint.

Integrating with their systems proved to be a win-win for both the parties as it allowed for seamless task creation and output delivery loop.

We asssembled a dedicated team that could start working on the tasks within 10 minutes of the task creation. We built internal KPI's that tracked the performance of the tasks.


    Some of te KPIs we tracked for this project

  • Tasks per agent
  • Average execution time
  • Agent productivity

The Results

With our KPI driven human in the loop process, we were able to execute tasks that met our client's expectations and also ensured operational efficiency.

Here's what the founder of the startup had to say about our services,

"DataClap's human in the loop platform combined with their operational eficiency helped us scale our operations effortlessly. The whole process was seamless."

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