The Client

Our client is a computer vision startup in the retail space that is backed by some of the prestigious names in the start up world. They have some of the biggest retail chains on the planet in their clientele. With the retail industry set to witness a steady growth and companies investing heavily in autonomous store technology, our client is expected to be a leader in this space.

The Challenge

Our client uses camera footage to understand consumer behaviour and enable a complete unsupervised shopping experience. The performance of their models didn't improve beyond a certain level because of the large number of edge cases and uncertainties in the customer behvaiour.

The Solution

When our client approaced us, they were expanding into a new geography and the shop layout and the clothing style of the customers were very dirrerent to what they had trained their model on and this resulted in a drop in the performance of their computer vision models.

We Have experience dealing with edge case scenarios before and we identified 5 scenarios which affected the performance of the model and started annotating those cases first to be fed into their pipeline for training. We started with the most difficult cases and proceeded to the not so extreme cases and this approach led to a quicker improvement in the performance of the model.

We totally annotated about 100,000+ cases with varying difficulties in a week's time that ended up improving our client's CV model substantially.

Main Metrics

    Some metrics of the project

  • No of annotated images: 200,000+
  • Time taken for the work: 1 week
  • Savings compared to annotation platforms: $5000+
  • Improvements in model performance: 12%

The Results

With our high quality annotation services, our client was able to improve their model and the predcitions. They were able to successfuly implement their project in the new location and it certainly improved the overall performance of their models with edge case scenarios.

Here's what the founder of the startup had to say about our services,

"DataClap helped us improve our predcition models in a big way. Right from onboarding to support we were extremely happy with the way things went. This is something that we've not experienced with big data annotation platforms"

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