audio transcription services for AI


Audio & speech transcription for medical and customer support call data.

AI text comparing and information extraction

Text comparison

Measure the similarity between texts in Legal, Customer Services and E Commerce use cases.

text collocation in data annotation

Text collocation

Analyze collocation instances for e commerce and review text interpretation

text classification for AI models


Classification services for Sentiment Analysis, Topic Labeling, Spam and Intenet Detection

OCR for AI and ML


Extraction of information from handwritten, printed and scanned data.

data extraction using computer vision and ML

Data Extraction

Extraction of data from documents for OCR and other computer vision purposes.

named entity recognition for extracting information from text

Named Entity Recognition

Identify information from unstructured data through our semantic annotation services.

translate text from one language to other using AI and ML


Translate your data to languages in the Indian subcontinent and more languages.

Industry use cases

DataClap helps you in annotating textual and image data for companies to build models that extract information and monitor social media content. Use our workforce whenever you need a human in the loop.

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social media comment review and moderation

The modernization of claims process by deployment of chatbots, document ingestion tools and artificial intelligence with efficeient Human in the loop workflows has helped insurers and fintech companies improve productivity and indemnity performance. We help our clients in both improving thir models with training data and HITL with our skilled workforce.

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information extraction from documents using computer vision

Traditional BPOs relied on human capital and now the shift is happening to AI systems supported by humans. Our annotation and human in the loop services have helped our clients in the BPO sector.

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ticket generation suing NLP

E commerce and content companies leverage our annotation services to improve the performance of their models for product and content recommendations.

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annotated text for review moderation

The Banking, Financial and Insurance sectors use AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision solutions to improve operations and serve their customers in a better way. We help them build better AI.

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invoice with key values annotaed for NLP model training

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Why DataClap?

Our Advantages

Understand why our clients choose to work with us

completely managed data and image annotation services

Completely Managed

Our services are completely managed with dedicated account managers to ensure smooth operations.

scalable workforce for ad hoc needs

Scalable Workforce

Start with a single person and grow with us. We scale up our team based on your demands.

ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant data and image annotation services

Data Security

Data security is of paramount importance. We are GDPR compliant and are ISO 27001 certified.

high quality annotation and human in the loop services

Optimized for Quality

We have a two layer QC process that ensures the quality of the output. This is enabled by a short feedback loop process.

end to end training data services

End to End Solutions

From data collection and cleaning to data annotation, we offer ened to end solutions for your training data needs.

cost efficient image and data annotation services

Cost Efficient

Our pricing is transparent and economical. We are more economical thatn contract workers and large annotation platforms.

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