Industry use cases of our annotated video data

Autonomous vehicle technology will revolutionize the way people move by improving safety and efficiency. Some of our annotation capabilities include 2D and 3D bounding boxes, image segmentation, sensor fusion, 3D point cloud annotation and lane marking.

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vehicles on a highway annotated using bounding boxes

Computer vision has the ability to revolutionize retail by improving the shopping experience for consumers and for retailers. Some of the use cases our annotation services are by Self-checkout, Inventory management, Store layout improvement and digital signage solutions.

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products on a shelf annotated for computer vision detection

Computer vision is widely applied in automation and robotics. Training data annotated by us enables AI sytems in applications like factory automation, intelligent transport and biomedical engineering.

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products on a production line annotated with bounding boxes

From broadcasters to improve spectator experience to clubs and athletes in becoming more competitive and enhancing performance, the application of computer vision and deep learning are increasingly becoming common. And our data annotation services make it possible.

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crowd in a sporting event monitored by computer vision

We help enable precision agriculture with our high quality annotation services that extracts information from image and video data. Our data enables AI models that improves yield, reduces wastage and water usage and protect crops from diseases.

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yield monitoring using computer vision by annotated image for training

Smart mobility and autonomous mobility startups leverage precise location data annotated by us to build great naigation experiences.

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highway with annotated lanes for mapping analysis

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Why DataClap?

Our Advantages

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completely managed data and image annotation services

Completely Managed

Our services are completely managed with dedicated account managers to ensure smooth operations.

scalable workforce for ad hoc needs

Scalable Workforce

Start with a single person and grow with us. We scale up our team based on your demands.

ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant data and image annotation services

Data Security

Data security is of paramount importance. We are GDPR compliant and are ISO 27001 certified.

high quality annotation and human in the loop services

Optimized for Quality

We have a two layer QC process that ensures the quality of the output. This is enabled by a short feedback loop process.

end to end training data services

End to End Solutions

From data collection and cleaning to data annotation, we offer ened to end solutions for your training data needs.

cost efficient image and data annotation services

Cost Efficient

Our pricing is transparent and economical. We are more economical thatn contract workers and large annotation platforms.

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